ASPE Presents: Evaluation of SP Performance

09 Nov 2022

The ASPE Standards of Best Practice note that SP performance can encompass role portrayal, feedback and the filling in of assessment instruments. Sometimes SPs are trained to do one of these tasks and sometimes they have to combine two or more simultaneously. For quality assurance measures and the safety of all stakeholders, it is important to evaluate SP performance on a regular basis. In addition, this evaluation can offer SPs the opportunity to develop their skills through constructive feedback. This workshop was designed to help participants to develop a mode of evaluation of SP performance specific to the context of their own institution. The workshop will concentrate on identifying key considerations for evaluating SP performance in concordance with the ASPE Standards of best practice. After a short introduction, some basic background knowledge will be presented. Afterward participants will have the opportunity to reflect on criteria of SP performance. In this phase of hands-on activity the workshop will guide the way to the development of evaluation criteria in the domain of role portrayal exemplary for the different aspects of SP performance. Participants will collect evaluation criteria for role portrayal and compare them with an exemplary checklist for the evaluation of SP portrayal provided. They will discuss the implications of the content learned for their own practice.

3 Hours CME Onsite Certificate

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