The Virtual Resus Room; an innovative approach for designing and implementing online simulation scenarios

06 Nov 2022

The Virtual Resus Room (VRR) is a free, novel, open-access resource that can be adapted for use with a multitude of clinical cases, learners (at different levels or from interprofessional backgrounds), and environments. A variety of simulation software programs exist and have been found to be beneficial in simulation education. However, they are often expensive or  suitable for a single learner only. Another approach is hybrid simulation where learners observe virtually. This method allows learners to observe others running a case but does not allow for hands-on participation. Neither of these methods allow learners to work as a team to practice nontechnical, crisis resource management skills through a platform that connects participants with other learners. VRR gives learners the opportunity to rehearse crisis resource management skills by working as a team to complete virtual tasks. It also allows facilitators to observe and update the case progression in response to the learners’ decisions, creating a responsive and engaging learning environment. An international survey of health professional educators on the state of distance healthcare simulation during the pandemic included 618 respondents from 32 countries with the main finding that 82% of respondents intend to incorporate long-term plans for continuing to use distance simulation for their learners. VRR offers a novel and innovative approach with the potential to fill many gaps in simulation education at no cost to institutions or users

4 Hours CME Onsite Certificate

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